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DespatchLine (Information about a Despatch Line.) specifikation

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UBL-Navn DK-Navn Datatype Afløftes Brug
ID Identifies the Despatch Line. Identifier Aftales 1
UUID Universally unique identification of the line within the Despatch note. Identifier Aftales 0..1
Note Free-form text applying to the Despatch Line. This element may contain notes or any other similar information that is not contained explicitly in another structure. Text Aftales 0..1
LineStatusCode Identifies the status of the Despatch Line with respect to its original state. Code Aftales 0..1
DeliveredQuantity The quantity despatched. Quantity Aftales 0..1
BackorderQuantity The quantity on Back Order at the Supplier. Quantity Aftales 0..1
BackorderReason The reason for the Back Order. Text Aftales 0..1
OutstandingQuantity The quantity outstanding (which will follow in a later despatch). Quantity Aftales 0..1
OutstandingReason The reason for the Outstanding Quantity. Text Aftales 0..1
OversupplyQuantity The quantity over-supplied. Quantity Aftales 0..1

Underklasser i klassen DespatchLine (Information about a Despatch Line.)

UBL-Navn DK-Navn Afløftes Brug Reference til printet dokumentation Se i øvrigt
OrderLineReference An association to Order Line Reference. Aftales 1..n Bibliotek, 3.66  
DocumentReference An association to Document Reference. Aftales 0..n Bibliotek, 3.36  
Item An association to Item. Aftales 1 Bibliotek, 3.49  
Shipment An association to Shipment. Aftales 0..n Bibliotek, 3.94