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DebitNoteLine (Information about a Debit Note Line.) specifikation

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UBL-Navn DK-Navn Datatype Afløftes Brug
ID Identifies the Debit Note Line. Identifier Aftales 1
UUID A computer-generated universally unique identifier (UUID) for the Debit Note Line instance. Identifier Aftales 0..1
Note Free-form text applying to the Debit Note Line. This element may contain notes or any other similar information that is not contained explicitly in another structure. Text Aftales 0..1
DebitedQuantity The quantity of Items debited. Quantity Aftales 0..1
LineExtensionAmount The total amount for the Debit Note Line, including Allowance Charges but net of taxes. Amount Aftales 1
TaxPointDate The date of the Debit Note Line, used to indicate the point at which tax becomes applicable. Date Aftales 0..1
AccountingCostCode The buyer's accounting code applied to the Debit Note Line. Code Aftales 0..1
AccountingCost The buyer's accounting code applied to the Debit Note Line, expressed as text. Text Aftales 0..1

Underklasser i klassen DebitNoteLine (Information about a Debit Note Line.)

UBL-Navn DK-Navn Afløftes Brug Reference til printet dokumentation Se i øvrigt
DiscrepancyResponse An association to Discrepany Response; the reason for the Debit. Aftales 0..n Bibliotek, 3.91  
DespatchLineReference An association to Despatch Line Reference. Aftales 0..n Bibliotek, 3.58  
ReceiptLineReference An association to Receipt Line Reference. Aftales 0..n Bibliotek, 3.58  
BillingReference An association to Billing Reference. Aftales 0..n Bibliotek, 3.6  
DocumentReference An association to Document Reference. Aftales 0..n Bibliotek, 3.36  
PricingReference An association to Pricing Reference. Aftales 0..1 Bibliotek, 3.83  
Delivery An association to Delivery. Aftales 0..n Bibliotek, 3.29  
TaxTotal An association to Tax Total. Aftales 0..n Bibliotek, 3.104  
Item An association to Item Aftales 0..1 Bibliotek, 3.49  
Price An association to Price. Aftales 0..1 Bibliotek, 3.81