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QuotationLine (Information about a Quotation Line.) specifikation

Navn QuotationLine (Vis som PDF) Alternativ term  


UBL-Navn DK-Navn Datatype Afløftes Brug
ID Identifies the Quotation Line Item. Identifier Aftales 0..1
Note Free-form text applying to the Quotation Line. This element may contain notes or any other similar information that is not contained explicitly in another structure. Text Aftales 0..1
Quantity The quantity of the item quoted. Quantity Aftales 0..1
LineExtensionAmount The total amount for the Quotation Line, including Allowance Charges but net of taxes. Amount Aftales 0..1
TotalTaxAmount The total tax amount for the Quotation Line. Amount Aftales 0..1

Underklasser i klassen QuotationLine (Information about a Quotation Line.)

UBL-Navn DK-Navn Afløftes Brug Reference til printet dokumentation Se i øvrigt
DocumentReference An association to Document Reference. Aftales 0..n Bibliotek, 3.36  
LineItem An association to Line Item. Aftales 1 Bibliotek, 3.57  
SellerProposedSubstituteLineItem An association to a proposed substitute Line Item. Aftales 0..n Bibliotek, 3.57