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ReceiptLine specification

Name ReceiptLine (Show as PDF) Alternative Term  


UBL-Name Name Datatype Usage Cardinality
ID ID Identifier Bilateral 1
UUID UUID Identifier Bilateral 0..1
Note Note Text Bilateral 0..1
ReceivedQuantity ReceivedQuantity Quantity Bilateral 0..1
ShortQuantity ShortQuantity Quantity Bilateral 0..1
ShortageActionCode ShortageActionCode Code Bilateral 0..1
RejectedQuantity RejectedQuantity Quantity Bilateral 0..1
RejectReasonCode RejectReasonCode Code Bilateral 0..1
RejectReason RejectReason Text Bilateral 0..1
RejectActionCode RejectActionCode Code Bilateral 0..1
OversupplyQuantity OversupplyQuantity Quantity Bilateral 0..1
ReceivedDate ReceivedDate Date Bilateral 0..1
TimingComplaintCode TimingComplaintCode Code Bilateral 0..1
TimingComplaint TimingComplaint Text Bilateral 0..1

Subclasses in class ReceiptLine

UBL-Name Name Usage Cardinality Reference to the printed documentation See also
OrderLineReference OrderLineReference Bilateral 0..1 Common Library, 3.66  
DespatchLineReference DespatchLineReference Bilateral 0..n Common Library, 3.58  
DocumentReference DocumentReference Bilateral 0..n Common Library, 3.36  
Item Item Bilateral 0..n Common Library, 3.49  
Shipment Shipment Bilateral 0..n Common Library, 3.94