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Item specification

Name Item (Show as PDF) Alternative Term  
Definition Information directly relating to an item


UBL-Name Name Datatype Usage Cardinality
Description Description Text Yes 0..n
PackQuantity PackQuantity Quantity Yes 0..1
PackSizeNumeric PackSizeNumeric Numeric Yes 0..1
CatalogueIndicator CatalogueIndicator Indicator Yes 0..1
Name Name Name Yes 1
HazardousRiskIndicator HazardousRiskIndicator Indicator Bilateral 0..1
AdditionalInformation AdditionalInformation Text Yes 0..1
Keyword Keyword Text Yes 0..n
BrandName BrandName Name Yes 0..n
ModelName ModelName Name Yes 0..n

Subclasses in class Item

UBL-Name Name Usage Cardinality Reference to the printed documentation See also
BuyersItemIdentification BuyersItemIdentification Yes 0..1 Common Library, 3.51  
SellersItemIdentification SellersItemIdentification Yes 1 Common Library, 3.51  
ManufacturersItemIdentification ManufacturersItemIdentification Yes 0..1 Common Library, 3.51  
StandardItemIdentification StandardItemIdentification Yes 0..1 Common Library, 3.51  
CatalogueItemIdentification CatalogueItemIdentification Yes 0..1 Common Library, 3.51  
AdditionalItemIdentification AdditionalItemIdentification Yes 0..1 Common Library, 3.51  
CatalogueDocumentReference CatalogueDocumentReference Yes 0..1 Common Library, 3.36  
ItemSpecificationDocumentReference ItemSpecificationDocumentReference Yes 0..1 Common Library, 3.36  
OriginCountry OriginCountry Yes 0..1 Common Library, 3.24  
CommodityClassification CommodityClassification Yes 0..n Common Library, 3.18  
TransactionConditions TransactionConditions Bilateral 0..1 Common Library, 3.107  
HazardousItem HazardousItem Bilateral 0..n Common Library, 3.47  
ClassifiedTaxCategory ClassifiedTaxCategory Bilateral 0..n Common Library, 3.101  
AdditionalItemProperty AdditionalItemProperty Yes 0..n Common Library, 3.54  
ManufacturerParty ManufacturerParty Yes 0..1 Common Library, 3.70  
InformationContentProviderParty InformationContentProviderParty Bilateral 0..1 Common Library, 3.70  
OriginAddress OriginAddress Yes 0..1 Common Library, 3.1  
ItemInstance ItemInstance Yes 0..n Common Library, 3.52  


<cac:AccessoryRelatedItem >
<cbc:ID >BTH-567892356 </cbc:ID>
<cbc:Quantity unitCode="EA" >1</cbc:Quantity>
<cbc:Description >The Blue Toth headset is an optional priced headset. An ordinary wire based headset is included in the mobile telephone price</cbc:Description>